Traveling with Children

For Infants Held by an Adult (Lap Child)

A parent, or any person 16 years of age or older, may hold an infant in their lap, provided that infant is included in the passenger reservation. Seating options for lap children may be limited on some flights.

For Infants in a Reserved Seat

A ticket must be purchased for infants traveling in their own seat. The purchaser must provide their own child safety seat, clearly labeled as approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), to be installed according to the instructions on its label. The infant must remain in the safety seat with the harness fastened during taxi, takeoff, landing and whenever the “fasten seatbelt” sign is on. A reserved seat is required to carry on a safety seat, or a seat must be available next to you. If an unoccupied, adjoining seat is not available, the gate agent will check the safety seat to your final destination.
Seating options for infants in a reserved seat may be limited on some flights. Please visit the FAA website here for more information on traveling with infants or young children.

Unaccompanied Minors 

An unaccompanied minor is a child between the ages of 5 and 12 years old, who is not accompanied on the same flight or compartment by a passenger who is 15 years old or older or by a parent regardless of age. Children under 5 years old will not be allowed to fly without an adult. 
In an effort to guarantee seating on the aircraft and to better serve young customers, we limit the number of unaccompanied minors booked on each flight to no more than two (2).
Travel for unaccompanied minors may now be booked on When completing the online booking, an unaccompanied minor fee of $35.00 per unaccompanied minor each way will automatically be applied to the total price and must be paid at the time of booking.
Unaccompanied minors may only travel on non-stop flights. They will NOT be permitted on City Jet connecting flights or direct flights (a flight that makes a stop but does not change aircraft). A City Jet employee will not be the responsible party for unaccompanied minors for flights connecting to other airlines. Customers will be responsible for any transfer of their minors from City Jet to other airlines. Additionally, Unaccompanied Minors are not allowed on interline bookings. City Jet reserves the right to not accept unaccompanied minors for transport on flights that may be diverted or canceled due to inclement weather or other operational abnormalities. 

Drop Off

Unaccompanied minors must be accompanied by their designated responsible adult until the child is boarded onto the aircraft. Photo identification is required for parties responsible for dropping off and picking up the child. The Unaccompanied Minor will not be accepted or released without a valid government-issued photo ID provided by the responsible party. 
When dropping off an unaccompanied minor, the responsible party may NOT leave the airport until the following criteria are met: 
We ask that the responsible party remain at the gate until the aircraft has departed in case of a gate return or other delay. In the event of a gate return, a City Jet crew member will contact the responsible party so that they can meet their minor. Please note, the responsible party must request a gate pass at the airport ticket counter to pick up their minor at the departure gate. The unaccompanied minor must be met at the arrival gate in the destination airport by the responsible party. The age restriction for someone picking up an unaccompanied minor is 18 years old. They must have a valid government-issued photo ID.

Pick Up

Upon arrival, the unaccompanied minor must be met at the arrival gate in the destination airport by the designated responsible. The age restriction for someone picking up an unaccompanied minor is 18 years old.  They must have a valid government-issued photo ID. When picking up an unaccompanied minor, please arrive at the airport no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled arrival.
For more information regarding City Jet policies and procedures for Unaccompanied Minors, please contact us at 1.888.123.4567 
Please note: Should the unaccompanied minor’s travel be disrupted or should the responsible party fail to meet the unaccompanied minor upon arrival at the destination airport, City Jet is authorized to take whatever action is reasonable and necessary under the circumstances. The parent or guardian agrees to reimburse City Jet for its expenses incurred in taking such action. 

Traveling while Pregnant 

You are able to fly until the end of your eighth (8th) month of pregnancy. In order to travel during your ninth (9th) month of pregnancy, you will need a certificate from an obstetrician, dated within 72 hours of departure, stating your fitness for air travel on your scheduled itinerary, as well as providing the estimated date of birth.
For domestic flights under five (5) hours, you will not be permitted to travel within seven (7) days before or after your delivery date. If you need to travel within this time frame, you will need a certificate from an obstetrician, dated within 72 hours of departure, stating that you are physically fit for air travel on your scheduled itinerary.
Please submit these documents to Customer Experience via email at customercare@City

Traveling with Pets 

For information about trained service and emotional support animals, please see our Special Assistance section below.
Sometimes family has four legs, a tail and is covered in fur. At City Jet, we know your pets are a priority. City Jet passengers may bring one (1) domesticated cat or dog per reservation onboard the aircraft at no charge. Reservations for your pet must be made in advance over the phone with Customer Experience to ensure availability and reserve a space for your pet.
As a safety precaution, we do not allow more than three (3) pet carriers in the cabin at any time. Pets are required to stay in their carrier at all times and must be soothed by the owner in case of distress.

When traveling with a pet:

We don’t collect pet charges for other operating airlines in your itinerary. You’ll need to check in with each airline and pay your charge at check-in. If you are connecting to an American Airlines flight, please review their pet guidelines to ensure your pet will be accepted:

Service Animals

We classify service animals based on their duty. Emotional support or psychiatric service animals assist individuals with emotional, psychiatric or cognitive disabilities. We require 48 hours advance notice for emotional support or psychiatric service animals. Advance notice may be given by phone or email to our Customer Experience department.
Emotional support or psychiatric service animals are welcome at no charge, if they meet the following requirements:
Trained service animals have been specifically trained to perform life functions for individuals with disabilities, including but not limited to: 
Trained service animals are welcome at no charge, if they meet the following requirements:
Emotional support animals require specific medical documentation; please review the requirements in our Contract of Carriage before travel.

Special Assistance

At City Jet, we want you to have a pleasant and comfortable travel experience.  To request any special services or assistance, please contact Customer Experience by phone at 1-888-33-CITY JET (332-6686) or via email at at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled departure.
Please be aware that some special service requests require medical paperwork that may take more than 48 hours to obtain. Complaint Resolution Officials (CROs) are also available through our call center to assist with any issues before, during, and after your flight. 

Seating Accommodations

We take pride in securing the most comfortable and convenient seats based on your requirements. Please select  seats upon booking or call Customer Experience for help selecting the best seat to suit your needs, especially if you:

Wheelchair Assistance, Mobility Devices, and Medical Devices

If you are traveling with any medical device, a wheelchair or other mobility device we are here to help. We offer pre-boarding, deplaning and airport assistance. Wheelchairs are available for customers with disabilities at all of our airports. Advance arrangements are not required, but it is best to request a wheelchair through Customer Experience the day before traveling. 
Mobility and medical devices do not count toward carry-on limits. We accept all types of wheelchairs and scooters including folding, collapsible, non-folding, manual or powered. Please understand that space is limited. Excess, oversized and/or overweight baggage that isn’t needed during your flight, or will not fit in the cabin, will be checked. Some charges may apply for checking additional wheelchair(s) used for recreational purposes. In the event of an emergency, you must be able to help yourself off the aircraft. 
If you are traveling with a powered wheelchair, please notify originating airport at least 48 hours before check-in.
Contact the Customer Dream Team to make sure your device is approved for travel and to make any special assistance travel requests. Customer Experience can be reached by phone at 1-888-33-CITY JET (332-6686) or via email at customerdreamteam@City
If you are connecting to another airline, please contact the operating carrier for their rules on traveling with wheelchairs, mobility devices and medical devices.